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Tournament regulations
All matches are held on the artificial turf of the last generation, which is installed on top of the hockey pitch of the Palace of Sports. The field dimensions are 48 х 24 meters, the gate dimensions are 5х2. The team on the field consists of 5 field players and a goalkeeper. Match duration is 40 minutes of pure time (2х20). The break between the halves is 5 minutes. In order for each game to be as entertaining and dynamic as possible, all fights are fought with the use of boards that exclude outs.

8 national teams take part in the Legends Cup draw. By the method of the draw, they are divided into two groups. The tournament is traditionally held in two stages: group and final matches.

Sunday - four games defining the winners of the top places (match for 7-8, 5-6 places, match for 3-4 places, final).

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The Legends Cup 2023
February 11, 2023
SP "Megasport"
Moscow, Russia
15th anniversary International football tournament named after Konstantin Eremenko
Admission for children under 6 years old (inclusive) is free, without the right to occupy a separate seat
Opening of the Cup
Qualifying matches
February 12, 2023
Qualifying matches
Tournament finals
Финал турнира
Открытие Кубка
Отборочные игры
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