Thirteenfold! The legends of Russia won the Legends Cup 2022

In the match for 5th place the Star Team only twice let the Legends of Brazil even the score. The debutants were tired after the break, but they fought till the last whistle and lost 5:9. Carlitos and Florent Sinama-Pongolle of the winning team managed to score hat-tricks. Junior and Giovanni of the losing team double scored.
Aldair, the Brazilian star, promised to strengthen the team with young players for the next Legends Cup.

Match for 5th place
Star Team vs. Legends of Brazil – 9:5 (4:2).
The match for 3rd place between the Legends of Kazakhstan and the Legends Team turned into a benefit for a Kazakhstani captain Samat Smakov, who strived to rehabilitate after a missed penalty against the Legends of Russia. It was exactly his two scores that brought the tournament debutants back into the game. In the first half the Legends Team was in the lead (3:0), but by halftime they had conceded give goals. In the second half the Legends of Kazakhstan kept their lead despite the efforts of the Legends’ captain Kevin Kurányi who managed to hit 4 goals.
Smakov and Marat Khairullin managed to score hat-tricks. The bronze medal for the Legends Cup debutants is an undeniable success.

Match for 3rd place
Legends of Kazakhstan vs. Legends Team – 10:7 (5:3).
Before the final the hosts of the tournament were in a tight spot. Their captain Andrey Tikhonov couldn’t enter the field due to an injury. He passed his authority to Egor Titov, who strained his muscle on Saturday and entered the field overcoming the pain. Unbeatable defender Dmitry Khlestov (the participant of the World Championship 1994) couldn’t recover and appeared on the field only twice as a substitute. Evgeniy Aldonin played with an injured knee.
Nevertheless, the Legends of Russia won the first half with a big margin. The opponents went to halftime with basically a tennis score – 6:1.
Mobile Turks showed fierce resistance, but only managed to bring the second half to a draw. Their top scorer Ahmet Dursun only once celebrated a goal.
At the end of the game Alexander Filimonov, Russian goalkeeper who managed to score an important goal in the first game of the tournament against the Kazakhstan team, went on the attack, though he did not manage to succeed this time. By the way, the history of the Legends Cup has seen one more scoring goalkeeper – Dmitriy Goncharov who plays in the Legends Team managed to score against Ukraine in 2014.
Pavel Pogrebnyak, the top scorer of the last tournament, pun an end to the final and the Legends Cup 2022. Now Konstantin Golovskoy, who managed to score a double in the final, became the top scorer for the winning team.
The best players of the final are Andrey Eshchenko and Hasan Kabze.

Legends of Russia vs. Legends of Turkey – 9:4 (6:1).
Scores: Titov, Golovskoy (2), Zhirkov, Aldonin (2), Eshchenko (2), Pogrebnyak – Dursun, Atalay, Haspolatli, Kabze.

1. Russia
2. Turkey
3. Kazakhstan
4. Legends Team
5. Star Team
6. Brazil

1. Ruben de la Red (Legends Team) 9 goals
2. Konstantin Golovskoy (Russia) 8
3. Djalminha (Brazil) 6
Best goalkeeper — Alexander Filimonov (Russia)
Tournament MVP — Ahmet Dursun (Turkey)