Legends of Russia won the "Legends Cup" for the 14th time

How our fans miss international competitions! On Sunday, February 12, the entire lower tier of the stands of the Megasport Palace of Sports was filled to capacity. And half an hour before the start of the decisive matches, the already forgotten question sounded at the box office: “Is there an extra ticket?”

Nearly 5,000 spectators vehemently supported the rivals, and long queues lined up in the foyer for autographs of the legends.

Match for 5th place

Legends of Latin countries - Legends of Africa - 11:6 (6:3). Goals: Dominguez (5), Giovanni (3), Amaral, Varela, Maicon-Okocha (2), Eboue (2), Adebayor, Boca.

Dmitry Goncharov, the goalkeeper of the Legends of Latin countries, taking the ball out of the goal, burst into applause. At the 2014 tournament, he, in Russian uniform, scored a goal for the Ukrainian team with a tight long-range shot.

The legends of the Latin countries played easily and freely, according to the Brazilian system - allowing opponents to score, who had Jay-Jay Okocha with the captain's armband. The Nigerian ball wizard missed the first day of the tournament and showed himself in all its glory on Sunday. He made a double, like Eboue, but was unable to turn the game around.

Among the winners stood out the Argentinean Alejandro Dominguez, who scored 6 goals, as well as the Brazilian Giovanni who scored a hat-trick. The debut of the best football player of the RPL in 2009 at the "Legends Cup" was a success.

Match for 3rd place

Legends of Europe - All-Stars team - 7:10 (3:8). Goals: Farnerud (3), Sinama-Pongolle (2), Mendes (2) - de la Red (4), Abidal, Karagounis (2), Basinas, Malouda (2).

Alexander Farnerud, lit up, scoring a hat-trick. The Scandinavian striker opened the scoring, but the All-Stars team quickly made it clear that the opponent could not count on more. Ruben de la Red, the best scorer of last year's tournament, answered with "poker" and again excelled in the sniper race. His goals with a scissors kick caused delight and admiration among the fans.

Two goals scored by four at once - Frenchmen Florent Sinama-Pongolle and his namesake Malouda, Portuguese Pedro Mendes and Greek Giorgos Karagounis who played for different teams.

Eric Abidal conducted brilliantly with his partners. Alexander Mostovoy, the oldest player of the tournament, looked worthy, promising to prepare well and play at the Legends Cup-2024.

The final

Legends of Russia - Legends of the CIS - 6:4 (2:0). Goals: Samedov (2), Pogrebnyak (2), Zhirkov, Golovskoy - Makhmudov, V. Gleb, Dzheparov, Luchkin.

It was the final that did not leave anyone indifferent. At first, the opponents paid close attention to defense. The score was opened only in the 13th minute – Alexander Samedov closed off a cross from Dmitry Khlestov at the far post.

And the “boiling water” flowed, especially the record holder for cards in the RPL, Alexander Gatskan and Albert Sargsyan. Khlestov did not lag behind them.

Twice referee Alexei Nikolaev had to turn on the "yellow light" in front of the violators of the rules. At the end of the first half, Farkhaldbek Irismetov almost pulled off a T-shirt from Pavel Pogrebnyak, who was breaking through the board. And immediately after the break, Konstantin Golovskoy roughly rolled under Gatskan.

By that time the hosts were leading 2-0. The second goal was scored by Pogrebnyak, responding to the miracle transfer of Yegor Titov.

When the score grew to 4:0, it seemed to many that the Legends of Russia would easily bring the final to a major victory. However, within two minutes, the guests reduced the backlog to a minimum. Perhaps goalkeeper Alexander Filimonov was discouraged by Golovsky's sawn-off shotgun, who decided to make a pass through the goal area. Before that and then the goalkeeper of the hosts more than once broke the applause of the stands.

In the 37th minute, Golovskoy redeemed himself by scoring the fifth goal in a dashing counterattack. However, Vyacheslav Gleb did not let the intrigue die – 5:4.

Pogrebnyak put point 30 seconds before the siren.

The main prize was awarded to the captain of the Legends of Russia by Yulia Eremenko, daughter of Konstantin Eremenko, whose name our tournament has been called since 2011.

Final position: 1. Legends of Russia, 2. Legends of the CIS, 3. All-Stars Team, 4. Legends of Europe, 5. Legends of Latin countries, 6. Legends of Africa.

Scorers: 1. Ruben de la Red (All-Stars Team) - 11 goals, 2-3. Giorgos Karagounis (All-Stars Team), Alejandro Dominguez (Legends of Latin countries) - 7, 4 each. Pavel Pogrebnyak (Legends of Russia) - 6, 5. Server Dzheparov (Legends of the CIS) - 5.

Tournament MVP: Alexander Filimonov (Legends of Russia).

Best goalkeeper: Almat Bikbaev (Legends of the CIS).

Special prize "For contribution to the development of the tournament": Kevin Kuranyi (Legends of Europe coach), Florent Sinama-Pongolle (Legends of Europe).