The dates of the Legends Cup 2023 have become known!

The jubilee, 15th "Legends Cup" named after Konstantin Eremenko will be held on February 10-12, 2023 in the Megasport Palace of Culture (Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard, 3) with the participation of six teams, preliminarily: Legends of Russia, Legends of the CIS (Union of Independent States), Legends of Europe, Legends of Africa, Legends of Latin Countries, Team of Stars.

The traditional tournament, held since 2009, will feature four new teams. On the first match day (February 11, Saturday) there will be preliminary matches in groups, in the second (February 12, Sunday) - play-offs for 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 places.
And on February 10, on Friday, a children's tournament will be held.

"Legends Cup" has been held since 2009, In 2010, the tournament was named after the deceased king of Russian mini-football Konstantin Eremenko. The team of Legends of Russia won the "Cup of Legends" 13 times, in 2020 its winner was the team of Stars
Tickets will soon be on sale, follow the announcements on the official telegram channel @kuboklegend