The draw for the Legends Cup-2023 took place in Moscow

The draw for the Legends Cup-2023 took place today, January 30, at the MonArch Moscow Hotel. It was attended by Irina Nazarova, deputy general director of the hotel, Yegor Titov, player of the Legends of Russia team, and Tamerlan Kuriev, general manager of the tournament.

The six teams were divided into two groups. Group A was led by the Legends of Russia as the winners of last year's tournament, group B was led by the winner of the Legends Cup-2020, the Star team.

Group A: Legends of Russia, Legends of Latin countries, Legends of Europe.
Group B: Star team, African Legends, Legends of the CIS.


February 11, Saturday

12:00 Legends of Latin countries – Legends of Europe
13:00 African Legends – Legends of the CIS

14:00 The opening ceremony

14:30 Legends of Russia – Legends of Latin countries (broadcast on Match TV)
15:30 Star team – African Legends (broadcast on Match TV)
16:30 Legends of Europe – Legends of Russia (broadcast on Match TV)
17:30 Legends of the CIS – Star team

February 12, Sunday

14:30 Game for 5th place (broadcast on Match TV)
15:30 Game for 3th place (broadcast on Match TV)
16:30 Final (broadcast on Match TV)

The medals ceremony will take place at the end of the final.

All games with the participation of the Legends of Russia team will be shown live by Match TV.