The hosts keep the winning squad!

Last September, the Legends of Russia team brought the score of victories in the tournament to the Baker’s dozen. In the final game, the hosts convincingly defeated the Legends of Turkey team with a score of 9:4, having resolved the outcome of the match already in the first half (6:1). Konstantin Golovskoy, Andrey Yeshchenko and Evgeni Aldonin scored two goals each.

Andrey Tikhonov, the captain of the Russian team at the Legends Cup-2022, was injured on the first day of the tournament and could not enter the field on the final day. Yegor Titov, another guardsman who also played with a leg injury, became the captain in the final. In addition, Dmitri Alenichev, the captain of the hosts, had to support the team from the bench both days due to injury, acting as a coach. All of them will take part in The Legends Cup-2023.

In general, Valeri Gladilin, the head coach of the hosts, retained last year's squad, and invited Aleksander Samedov, one of the heroes of the 2018 World Cup, who missed the last tournament for a medical reason. The goal will be defended by Aleksandr Filimonov, recognized as the best goalkeeper of the Legends Cup-2022.

Fans are waiting for a new meeting with Yuri Zhirkov and Andrey Yeshchenko, who made their debuts in the tournament last year. By the way, Zhirkov opened the scoring with the hosts' goals in the opening match against the Legends of Kazakhstan team (8:4). In turn, Yeshchenko focused on rough work and added energy to team actions.

Only one goal was not enough for Golovskoy to catch up with Ruben de la Red, the Spanish striker of the Legends team, in the scorer’s race. Ruben de la Red scored 9 goals.

The hosts welcome the 15th anniversary Legends Cup fully armed and with a desire to excel for the 14th time.


Aleksandr Filimonov - Dmitri Khlestov (goalkeepers)
Dmitri Alenichev (captain)
Oleg Kornaukhov
Konstantin Golovskoy
Andrey Yeshchenko
Evgeni Aldonin
Aleksandr Samedov
Andrei Karyaka
Yegor Titov
Andrey Tikhonov
Yuri Zhirkov
Pavel Pogrebnyak