Legends of Russia and Legends of the CIS will play in the final of the Legends Cup-2023

Group A

The goal score of the 15th anniversary tournament was opened by the forward of the Legends of Europe Cihan Haspolatli (Turkey). He hit the gates of the Legends of the Latin countries, which was defended by Dmitry Goncharov, who replaced Farid Mondragon. The Colombian goalkeeper was unable to fly to Moscow for family reasons.

The Europeans already in the first half created a comfortable advantage - 4:1 and did not miss it until the final whistle of Alexei Nikolaev. The result is 7:5. The winners scored all the outfield players, with the exception of the team captain Fernando Meira and Pedro Mendes (both from Portugal). The losers scored five players, including Nikolas Pareja and Alejandro Dominguez, who played in the Russian Championship.

The hosts of the tournament started with a confident victory over the Legends of the Latin countries - 8:4. The tone was set by Dmitry Alenichev, the captain of the team and a permanent participant in all tournaments, who later scored one more goal. The hat-trick was scored by forward Pavel Pogrebnyak and immediately joined the scorer's race. The guests did not leave the field without a goal Dominguez and defender Leandro Fernandez, who played for Dynamo Moscow.

Legends of Russia - Legends of Latin countries - 8:4 (5:2). Goals: Alenichev (2), Pogrebnyak (3), Karyaka, Karnaukhov, Aldonin - Dominguez, Maicon, Lugano, Fernandez.

The second match was much more tense for the Legends of Russia. The 13-time winners of the tournament had to bounce back after the forward of the Legends of Europe and Hasan Kabze, the MVP of the Legends Cup-2022, forced Alexander Filimonov, the best goalkeeper of the last tournament, to capitulate. The score was equalized by Pedro Mendes, cutting the ball into his own net after Alenichev's cross. Konstantin Golovskoy, who felt the taste of a goal at the Legends Cup-2022, put the hosts ahead at the last minute of the first half. But the Frenchman Kamel Meryem restored the balance. Yuri Zhirkov scored the winning goal, catching a rebound from the front board only four minutes before the final whistle of Mikhail Vilkov. And Pogrebnyak put an end to it.

Legends of Europe - Legends of Russia - 2:4 (1:2). Goals: Kabze, Meryem - Pedro Mendes (own goal), Golovskoy, Zhirkov, Pogrebnyak.

Team positions: 1. Legends of Russia - 6 points, 2. Legends of Europe - 3, 3. Legends of Latin countries - 0

Group B

With particular interest, we were waiting for the debut at our tournament of the Legends of Africa with their captain Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo). Alas, at the last moment, the goalkeeper from Egypt, Essam El-Hadari, nicknamed "High Platinum", dropped out of the squad. Andrey Bukhlitsky, world champion in beach soccer, quickly replaced him.

In the debut match against the Legends of the CIS, who were led by their captain Alexander Gleb, it was not easy. Bukhlitsky conceded 7 goals, his team responded with six - 6:7. The double was made by Adebayor.

Then the All-Stars team and Legends of Africa entered the field. With enthusiasm, the stands, which gathered more than 2,000 spectators, were greeted by Alexander Mostovoy, the debutant of our tournament, who, due to back pain, does not take part in the matches of veterans.

He did not appear from the first minutes and played with his usual grace. As a result, the oldest participant in the Legends Cup-2023 scored one goal and provided 4 assists. And his team defeated the Africans with a double-digit score of 15:5. Ruben de la Red (Spain), the top scorer of the Legends Cup 2022, scored six goals, Georgios Karagounis (Greece), captain of the All-Stars team, scored four.

The debut was given to Mostovoy very hard - right on the bench, the doctor had to freeze his bruised back. This did not prevent the Tsar - such a nickname was given to Mostovoy - to sign a lot of autographs for fans, among whom there were many children.

With indescribable delight, the audience greeted the appearance of Quincy Promes. The best striker of Spartak came to the Megasport Sports Palace not alone, but with his son and settled down on the bench of the All-Stars team.

However, the winner of the Legends Cup 2020 will not be able to compete for the main trophy on Sunday. In a fiery match, the Stars team lost 7:8 to the Legends of the CIS, despite Karagounis' double. For the coveted draw, the All-Stars lacked a goal from Mostovoy, who this time "kept silent".

The winners scored Server Jeparov from Uzbekistan (hat-trick), as well as Alexander Gatskan from Moldova and Albert Sargsyan from Armenia (both had a double).

At the last minute, the Frenchman Florent Malouda quarreled with Almat Bekbaev, the goalkeeper from Kazakhstan. The Argentinean Esteban Cambiasso tried to explain something to the judge after the final whistle of Vilkov.

Team positions: 1. Legends of the CIS - 6, 2. All-Stars Team - 3, 3. Legends of Africa - 0.

Meeting today:

14:30 Legends of Latin countries - Legends of Africa - match for 5th place

15:30 Legends of Europe - All-Stars team - match for 3rd place

16:30 Legends of Russia - Legends of the CIS - final